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Honey hunters climb up risky cliffs for ‘magic’ honey

(The photos above are screengrabs from various YouTube videos)

Many might call them daredevils. But to these guys, they are just spending an ordinary day looking for honey in the mountains.

No harness. No beekeeping suits. Just a vertical ladder made out of wooden sticks and two very long ropes. And a pair of wooden harpoons to cut out the honeycomb.

Also known as “Gurung” men, these hunters live in a village in Nepal and are completely out of touch with the rest of the world.

Once a year, they would climb as high as 4km up on a cliff where they can find the nests of Giant Himalayan bees and collect their “magic” honey. Those bees are the largest in the world and can grow to over 3cm long.

Why “magic”, you may ask.

Well, this honey can make you hallucinate if a high dose is taken.

According to a documentary, the honey is also known as an aphrodisiac and could also improve the immune system.

Wow. All that for honey? The stuff must be very, very magical.

Watch how they do it in a documentary below:

close up! ^_^

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